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Bethany Baptist Church is affiliated with four partners in particular:

1.  Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec (BCOQ)


The Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec family of churches is a group of approximately 360 churches working together to build Christís kingdom. Through the BCOQ denomination, Bethany also partners with McMaster Divinity College, Baptist Women, Canadian Council of Christian Churches, BCOQ Youth, and the Read-On Bookstore. Bethany and the BCOQ also work cooperatively with Canadian Baptist Ministries (supporting missionaries and humanitarian relief in Canada and around the world) as well as the Baptist World Alliance.     



2.  East York Strategy


Bethany is pleased to join other churches in the East York-Danforth area of Toronto in a coordinated strategy to reduce crime and create good in our neighborhoods. By working together and rising above our individual church ministries and practices we can better serve and help our youth and community as a whole.

East York Strategy is actively partnering with the police in 54 Division of Toronto, local businesses, schools, politicians, other faiths, and anyone else interested in giving our youth the hope and help they need, and bring peace to our neighbourhood.  



3.  Willow Creek Association Canada (WCA)

Bethany has been greatly helped through the resources, conferences, and philosophy offered by Willow Creek Association, and is an official WCA Canada member. The WCA is a not-for-profit ministry with more than 11,000 member churches from 90 denominations and 45 countries.


WCA Canada:         

WCA-based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA:


4.  Ministry of Dr. Tony Campolo


Bethany has been inspired and challenged in our ministry by the writing, speaking, and work of Dr. Tony Campolo. Tonyís call to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world, as well as to live out the joy-filled, hope-filled call of God on an individualís life, has served to shape our ministry.    




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