Bethany Baptist Church 




Serving Opportunities

We are an active church, with many different serving opportunities throughout the year. Please contact Bethany for full details and time.


At Bethany:


     We believe everyone has something to offer and gifted in some way.


     We try to help people find that place where they really enjoy serving.


     Service is carried out in teams.


     Women and men have equal opportunities to serve at Bethany.




Some of our regular opportunities include:



Children’s and Youth Ministries


We offer different ways to impact a child or youth through our various youth programs.



Music and the Arts


Active Choir and Worship Team (singers and instrumentalists), with periodic dramas, creative dance, and PowerPoint presentation opportunities.



Various Teams and Committees


Including ushers, sound technicians, nursery, publicity, missions, gardening, decorations, New Community Small Group leadership or home-hosting, as well as leadership Boards.




Address: 1041 Pape Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M4K 3W1
Telephone: (416) 425-9472

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